Dr.Fone: Photo & Data Recovery

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Dr.Fone provides a very comprehensive data recovery solution for Android devices. It can recover photos, videos, messages, audios and many other files from your Android device. As an all-in-one phone recovery app, Dr.Fone can seamlessly transfer your data between iOS devices and PC.

About Dr.Fone

The secret space feature has just been updated! Now you can save the recovered pictures and messages in your secret place with high security technology. Your Data Privacy and File Security Dr. Fully protected by the phone.

Hot features of Dr.Fone

Photo recovery
Recover your deleted photos which you deleted by mistake in one click.

Message recovery
Recover deleted messages including chats, photos, audio, videos and many other file formats.

Recycling bin
You can save all your deleted files and easily restore them at any time.

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Video recovery
Quickly recover videos without data loss.

Recovery Communication
You can easily restore contacts from WhatsApp, Messenger and other contacts on your Android device.

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Dr.Fone: Photo & Data Recovery

AI Image Upscaler
Image quality is automatically improved by AI. No more giving up a good picture because of poor picture quality. And you can restore old photos or using AI picture enhancement.

File recovery
Scan your phone deeply to find deleted files and recover them.

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Audio recovery
Recover music or recordings you’ve accidentally deleted.

What is the difference between Dr.Fone and other data recovery app?

Easily and efficiently
Simple interface and concise instructions to fix your problem more efficiently.

Data protection
We respect your privacy as much as you do. Your data is end-to-end encrypted, leaving no sensitive information at risk. With Dr.Fone, you no longer have to worry about data recovery and data transfer from your mobile device.

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