GreenPista Money Note Exchange App

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To Sellers: Help people find their souvenirs with green pistachios.

About GreenPista

Scan by Green Pistachio [₹]: Scan the daily Indian currency notes you receive.

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Find Green Treasures (₹): Find unique treasures with green pistachios – dates of birth, marriage dates, lucky numbers, historical dates, etc. Millions are yet to discover these green gems.

Go Green with Pista |₹₹₹|: Earn Lakhs Now with GreenPista’s unique platform.

E.g., Virat Kohli was born on 05 November 1988 (Coin Reference Number: VK 051188 as initials and GreenPista with DDMMYY)

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To Buyers: Your one-in-a-billion souvenir with GreenPista

Find Your Greenest Moments (₹): Find Son/Daughter Date of Birth, Marriage Date, Celebrity Date of Birth, Husband/Wife Date of Birth, Lover’s Date of Birth, Mother/Father’s Date of Birth, Lucky Number with Pistachio.

Own yours with green: 100 billion notes in circulation among 1.4 billion Indians.

Always Precious: With GreenPista, it’s not just a limited edition, it’s an exclusive edition.

E.g., Amit Singh was born on December 16, 1986 (Currency note: AS 161286 with initials and DDMMYY pistachio).

With GreenPista, everyone can enjoy and own the moments of a lifetime.

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GreenPista is a pioneering marketplace app that allows you to own and acquire unique currency notes. With GreenPista, cherish physical coins that mark special dates in your life and earn significant rewards.

Key Feature Highlights

  • Unlock the treasure in your wallet with GreenPista
  • Discover the hidden stories behind your money with Pistachio
  • Each note has two letters and a 6-digit serial number (DDMMYY) – find these green treasures.
  • These details are linked to meaningful moments like birthdays, anniversaries, important events or lucky numbers – all with GreenPista.
  • With Pistachio, each note transcends its face value and becomes a precious memento.

Why Unique Tips Are Invaluable With Greenpista

Personal Connection: Unique combinations align with important dates or memories.

Rarity: Finding a Greenpista note with a significant date is a rare treat.

Irreplaceable and unique: strict regulations make these date-specific notes with pistachios truly one-of-a-kind.

GreenPista Money Note Exchange App

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Continuous Appreciation in Resale Value: With Pista, you can expect value to increase over time.

Emotional connection: The emotional value of greenpista notes is immeasurable.

National Pride: A Greenpista Reference Treasure of personal and national significance.

Adventure and Rewards with Pistachio

“Memo” with GreenPista is an exclusive message from previous owners, creating a chain of memorable stories for each note.

Join us in our mission to redefine the importance of Indian currency with Greenpista.

Global Patent Details

[Global Patented Technology (Pending – 157 Countries) & Trademark for GreenPista: IPC/202341028553, PCT/IB2023/055766, TM/5967103.]

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