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Microphone Blocker App for Android

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About Microphone Blocker App

Microphone Blocker is a free app that keeps the audio port of your device private. The simplicity of the design allows even non-tech savvy users to use the app effortlessly. Microphone Blocker protects your privacy by blocking access to the phone microphone against spyware and malicious apps.

  • Simple interface is easy to use and allows user to choose settings.

Suspend apps and disable access to the microphone for all other apps and the entire Android system. [No root required | Phone calls are not interrupted].

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A single button prevents internal or external access to the microphone. A microphone blocker can enhance user privacy and prevent intruders from eavesdropping with the click of a button.

Microphone Blocker: A single button blocks any internal access or external access and attempts to use the android device’s microphone unless the user decides otherwise.

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No more spying: eavesdroppers can no longer listen through your device.
Call Conversations: Normal calls are not affected when the blocker is on.
Usability and Compatibility: Microphone Blocker works with social media accounts and messenger apps.
Permission: Microphone Blocker asks for permission to access the microphone to prevent misuse of the device’s audio port.

What features will you get?
  • Automatic microphone mute at specified time intervals
  • Notification app launcher for quick access to microphone for selected apps
  • Protection from spyware, malware and eavesdropping
  • You can mute the microphone by tapping once on the notification
  • See list of apps that use microphone permission
  • Simple and clear design with many theme sets
  • No root required to block microphone
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Disable the security of incoming or outgoing calls
Protects against a microphone blocker
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Background and unethical microphone use
  • Misuse of microphones by others
How to Download and Use Mic Blocker App?
  • Click on below the  link to download the application.
  • Note that some permissions may be required while installing the application on mobile.
  • If installed properly, it can bring your mobile phone under your control.
Working Methods

After installing this application, you will find a simple microphone in this application, by touching it your microphone will stop working completely, so that no one can track you through your microphone, maybe you need your microphone on your phone. Can call. For example when sending a voice message on WhatsApp or when you want to talk to someone on the phone you can turn it on and talk, which is an absolutely useful feature.

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