Moises: Musician’s App (2023)

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Moises: Musician’s App is a free-to-download music app developed by Moises Systems that will help you improve your musical creativity and ultimately excel in the field. It is a lightweight music solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere through your mobile phones or tablets.

It is said to be the top-rated music companion of many leading artists around the world. Here, you can isolate or remove vocals and instruments for any song, change its pitch and speech in real-time, and more. Moises: Musician app is an impressive alternative to FL Studio Mobile and Music Maker Jam.

Features of Moises: Musician’s App

Moises: Musician app is full of musical activities that can unleash your creativity and create masterpieces. For example, if you want to intelligently separate vocals, backing vocals, drums, guitar, bass, piano and other instruments in a particular song, you can do so liberally using an AI audio separation tool. It also has the power to isolate specified music equipment or mute specific tracks within a single tap.

Also, it’s equipped with various changer and adjustment tool sets, allowing you to tailor the music to your style. The Moises package automatically detects and displays BPM, allowing you to instantly assess whether the audio is slowing down or speeding up. On the other hand, if your pitch doesn’t meet your vocal range, you can effortlessly control and change it with a single click.

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With the excellent AI key detection feature, you can easily identify the song key and change it accordingly. You can choose to transpose chords for all 12 keys. Plus, its Smart Metronome app lets you create click tracks that sync up with any song you’re processing. However, it does show some flaws, especially in the downloaded output, where voice memorabilia lags behind.

Create or Improvise Music on the Go

Moises: Musician’s app is a mobile music collection for beginners and professionals. It is packed with high-quality musical instruments and features that will greatly help you express the depth of your musical vision to deliver the song of your dreams, and I hope many people will love it. Creating and editing your music is now easily accessible, wherever you are.


Separate or isolate vocals and other instruments

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Customize audio speed, pitch, song key with one click

Automatically detects BPM and song keys

Provides a smart metronome tool


The download release contains some vocal resources.

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