Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage App (2023)

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Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage is a comprehensive storage management tool for Android devices that provides detailed information about disk space usage.

Overview of Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage App

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage is a powerful application designed to help users effectively manage their device’s storage. It provides in-depth and detailed analysis of storage, clearly showing where and how storage is being used. This allows users to better understand their storage habits, identify files and folders that are taking up unnecessary space, and ultimately improve their device’s performance.


The app works by scanning your device’s storage and providing an organized and visual representation of the data. This includes directories, files, applications, videos, audio files and more. The analysis is carried out in a tree-like structure, which makes it easy to navigate and understand where most of the storage is being consumed.

The app has a search function that can be used to find specific files or folders in the device’s storage. This feature is very useful when searching for large files that are taking up a significant amount of space.

Interface and Application

Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for new users to navigate and manipulate. The app presents the analyzed data in a visually appealing way, with colorful pie charts and graphs that help users easily understand the information provided.

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Despite the high level of detail provided, some users have mentioned that the app can be somewhat dangerous if not used properly. As it provides access to all files and folders on the device, there is a risk of accidentally deleting important files or system data. Therefore, it is recommended that users have a solid understanding of their device’s file system before using the app to delete files or folders.

Permissions and Privacy

Like many storage management applications, Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage requires various permissions, such as access to device storage, to function effectively. Although this is necessary for the application to perform its functions, some users may feel uncomfortable granting such permissions. However, the developers assure users that all data accessed by the app will remain private and will not be shared with any third party.

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  • Complete savings analysis
  • Intuitive interface and visual representation of data
  • Search function to locate specific files and folders


  • Possible risk of accidental deletion of important files
  • Requires higher level permissions
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