Volume Booster – Loud Speaker App 2023

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Increase your volume up to 200% like Loudspeaker & Bass Booster in one app.

About Volume Booster – Loud Speaker App

Volume Booster can increase phone volume beyond system defaults. A simple, small, colorful, free app to increase your speaker or headphone volume. Useful for video, movie, music, audio and all media sound.

Equalizer is a powerful yet easy-to-use music equalizer with Bass Booster, Volume Booster and 3D Virtualizer effects that will improve the sound quality of your Android phone or tablet devices, meaning unprecedented sound quality!

Use professional audio and video decoding technology that allows high-fidelity music and video playback. In addition, a more professional equalizer will help you manually control the volume of your music playback, boost your music and amplify your audio.

Music Booster and Speaker Booster is not only a sound booster but also a great offline music player. With beautiful music spectrum and volume equalizer, you can be a real DJ. We will keep updating new music frequencies in next releases.

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Volume Booster - Loud Speaker App

Are you tired of the low volume on your headphones? You don’t have to go out and spend a penny on new headphones. Headphone volume booster apps can boost the volume for you so you can enjoy a better sound experience without buying another pair of headphones. Connect your headphones to the device, open the volume booster for Android free app, adjust the standard volume settings and enjoy loud music without any interruption.

Increase the volume of all music media

Including audio sound, video sound, game sound and other sounds.

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Amazing sound spectrum

You can enjoy amazing visual volume while listening to songs. All sound spectrums move according to the audio rhythm.

To increase all system volumes

Including this app – Ringtone Volume, Notification Volume, and Alarm Volume.

Volume Booster - Loud Speaker App

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Control of Music Player

  • You can control music media in volume booster
  • Pause song, play, last play, play next song.
  • Support headphones, external speaker & Bluetooth.

Easy to use

Two rotary knobs to adjust volume and increase volume. 4 sound modes allow you to increase the volume of your phone with a single tap.

Support for all music players

  • Compatible with your favorite players.
  • Increase the volume of all music media.

Three types of themes

1) Boost mode
2) Dark Mode
3) Light mode

Volume Booster - Loud Speaker App

A wide range of applications of additional sound booster

1) Turn up the party music
2) Listen to music
3) Watch videos
4) Play games
5) Make phone calls
6) Listen to audiobooks
7) Do listening practice tests

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Features of Volume Booster – Loud Speaker App

  • Max volume booster.
  • Bass booster effect.
  • Stereo surround sound effect.
  • Audio booster for all calls.
  • Virtual effect.
  • Music visualization spectrum.
  • Maximum super volume booster, volume increase up to 200%.
  • Amplify the sound with a variety of themes, great visual experience.
  • Increase volume for music, video and game.
  • Choose any of your music players to start playing with volume booster.
  • Volume Booster is designed for music lovers and users who want loud and clear sound.
  • Fast adjust volume to 40%, 60%, 80% and maximum level.
  • Control vibrations to feel the power of sound.
  • Choose any of your music players to enhance your music.
  • Notification control support.
  • One swipe to set the volume to a certain level.
  • Support headphones, external speaker & Bluetooth.
  • Volume Booster has a sleek, simple user interface.
  • Sound booster for music player.
  • Volume control is easy.

Download Volume Booster for Android and start experiencing sound magic.

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