WhatsBox – Who Viewed My WhatsApp DP

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If you use WhatsApp, you need WhatsApp! WhatsBox is a popular tool for WhatsApp which is used to fully customize and manage your WhatsApp.

Simple Features of WhatsBox

1. Status Downloader Copy Tool: Copy your friends WhatsApp statuses
2. Private Reading : Read your messages without the blue tick and view all deleted messages
3. Direct Chat Link: Create a live chat link and send it to others to chat with you
4. Cleaner: Remove unused Whatsapp media files that are clogging up your device storage
5. Hibernate: Let others think you are offline or your device is turned off
6. Empty Chat: Send empty messages to others and fool them
7. See who’s viewing your profile picture
8. See who’s online
9. Open chat: Chat with other people without saving their contact
10. Text Repeater: Copy a text easily
11. Status Video Splitter: Share long videos to your WhatsApp status
12. Fun chat groups
13. Join WhatsApp chat groups
14. Levels of Popularity
15. Complete security scan and locks
16. Tips and tricks for your whatsapp

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WhatsBox is all you need to fully manage and customize your WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows users to spice up and fire-up their WhatsApp with this all-in-one, 100% free WhatsApp tool. If you have WhatsApp, you need this app now!

WhatsBox has many features that are sure to make your WhatsApp even more interesting. Due to its popularity, WhatsApp tools have grown and developed to be the biggest application available on most platforms, especially for the Android community. The tool for WhatsApp allows its users to use this application even on their personal Windows computers. This is very convenient, especially if you work or play on your computer.

Features of WhatsBox

Full privacy
Privacy is important when using means of communication, especially in the advanced world where there are many ways and means of obtaining information.

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WhatsBox gives its users the option to protect their WhatsApp. It allows its user to lock their WhatsApp by adding pin/password to gain access.

WhatsBox has a scanner that scans and notifies new app users of security issues that might be of concern. WhatsApp is a great tool for finding and removing spyware. It scans and identifies threats trying to capture your personal information.

Space saver
This feature, which is used a lot by Android users, will definitely come in handy. “Cleaner” feature helps save less memory space. It helps by showing the amount of space used by media on your device and gives you an option to clean up such space. This is important because some WhatsApp users get a lot of media, especially when such users are in WhatsApp groups.

Status Copier

App Link

It’s a fun feature and sometimes we find some levels really cool and wish we had it. It allows us to save our friend’s status as ours or that status in our gallery and the photos will be downloaded in HD quality.

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WhatsBox - Who Viewed My WhatsApp DP

Tricks and Tips

In this cool feature, we learn about the amazing ways to use all the features of our WhatsApp. Tips and tricks give us information about problems like recovering deleted messages or installing old versions of our WhatsApp. These, among other fun tricks, will help you get the most out of the popular and revolutionary app.

Fun social groups to join and chat

Group chats are always great. But what’s even more amazing is meeting new people from all over the world. What’s Date is our gateway to meeting fun and intriguing people from around the world. If you want to meet someone for dating purposes or just to have fun together, What’s Date is the way to go. If your country is not represented, you can request to be added. WhatsBox aims to satisfy its users.

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